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8 of the Snazziest and Latest Wedding and Bridesmaid Dress Trends in 2015 / 2016

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The goal of any wedding is to stand out let alone be a success. There are a lot of things and key details which you must tick in the checklist before you hit this mark but the foremost way to be sure of it is to select a fabulous couture which your bridesmaids will rock come that important day. Selection of the perfect bridesmaid dresses is perhaps the most exciting pre-wedding event and if you do not have a good eye for fashion sense you might be lost along the way. If not selecting something out of date then it might be color-crushing your wedding theme. Fashion being dynamic as it is has new things to offer and currently there are unlimited choices you can go for to make your bridesmaid(s), yourself as the bride and your wedding at large be a legendary one.

Wedding dress trends

1. Sheer sleeved wedding dresses with lace hints

Topping the list are bride dresses which were the major fashion feature on the bridal fashion runway. Soft and romance are the two major things they are made to radiate. This style has been used and recommended by the foremost fashion designers such as Maggie Sottero and Remm Acra.

2. Party fringed bridal dresses

This option has had the approval of designers Naeem Khan and Hayley Paige. They are gorgeous, vibrant and create a heightened atmosphere of vigorous partying. This is another perfect add to a wedding which demands making memories.

3. Shoulder draped dresses with beading

Sleeved dresses, for a while now, have been a work of art perfected by many bridal fashion designers and according to current trends they are adding a few design techniques and adornments to make sure this fashion evolves. The results are bridal dresses which are simply stunning. Take a sneak peek at Kelly Faetanini and her line and you will appreciate the workmanship.

4. Dresses with cozy sweaters

Now this is the real fashion deal. Atop your bridal dress is an exclusively designed sweater which matches it perfectly. This goes to show that serious fashion can still be applied to weddings too. It is an absolute stunner. Bridal designers Anne Bowen, Houghton and Delphine Manivet included them on their fashion lines this season.

Wedding-maid dress trends

1. Tea length maid dresses

These bride-maid dresses are quite popular these days. They are fun and may seem party-like since they have a semiformal dress length but a side to them still manages to be exclusive and have a level of sophistication. It comes in fabric variants such as tulle and chiffon.

2. Long Cotton laced dresses

Lace designs and wedding attire are not an uncommon combination as some existing maid dresses would attest. Cotton textured laces however is another issue altogether. Additionally cotton laces go well with shades as lavender and blush. The dresses are beautiful and cozy.

3. Maid dresses with open (bare) backs

Now this design is stunning and a bit sexy. Get your bridesmaids subtly flaunting a bit of skin and still shower the wedding party with staggering beauty.

4. Cap sleeved dresses

This is a perfect alternative to the strapless versions of maid dresses. The caps are more of a design technique than being part of the dress; they are barely there. They however give enough coverage and make your bridesmaids rock a more vintage look for your wedding.

Bridesmaids and Wedding dress trends are a wide variety to choose from nowadays and can fit any wedding theme you have in mind.

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